ASU merging departments, cutting nearly 100 jobs

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TEMPE -- In an effort to deal with $5.4 million in budget cuts, Arizona State University is looking at combining some departments and cutting almost 100 jobs for the next academic year.

If Proposition 100, the three-year 1-cent sales tax increase fails when voters cast their ballots later this month, ASU might have to slash another $47.8 million.

According to the university, many of the jobs that are being cut are already vacant. Those positions include support staff and administration jobs, but no faculty positions.

In March, ASU, along with the University of Arizona and Northern Arizona University, was asked by the Arizona Board of Regents to cut 2.75 percent of their budgets for the next fiscal year, which begins in July. The request came after all state employees were asked to take a 2.75 percent reduction.

At a meeting last weekend, the three universities outlined their plans for the cuts.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.