San Diego, W. Hollywood vote to oppose Arizona's SB 1070

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SAN DIEGO -- Two municipal bodies in California have taken action against Arizona's new law targeting illegal immigration, and a third is expected to.

On Monday, the West Hollywood City Council voted 5-0 to boycott Arizona, while the San Diego City Council voted 7-1 in favor of a resolution urging Arizona lawmakers to repeal the law.

The Carson City Council is scheduled to vote on a boycott of Arizona on Tuesday. The resolution would bar any official city travel to Arizona and prevent the city from conducting business in the state until the law is overturned.

The cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles also have talked of cutting off deals with Arizona and its businesses.

Other cities throughout the country are considering similar measures.

According to Arizona's law, an officer who is already talking to a subject suspected of committing a crime must ask that person for identification if there's reasonable suspicion that he or she is in the country illegally. A wording change from the original bill clarifies that an officer is not required to question a crime victim or witness about his or her immigration status.

The law also applies when police contact a person over violations of civil ordinances.

The San Diego resolution says the law encourages racial profiling and violates the Constitution.