Adoption detectives reunite two long-lost sisters

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When it comes to adoptions in Arizona, the records are sealed.

3TV introduces you to two women certified to get to the truth and a family that has reaped the rewards.

Looking through the pages of her memory book has new meaning today for Catharine Jones. She explains, “This is my adoptive parents. This is Jake Jones and this is Anna Lou Jones right here and right here is my mother again, Anna Jones, and this is me. We were downtown."

She says she never felt the need to find out who her birth mother was until recently. That is where two sisters came into the picture.

Kristen Hamilton and Judy Andrews are private investigators but their license plate only tells part of their story. Lots of people call them the “adoption detectives.”

Judy explains, "I would say that 90 percent of them are happy good reunions. The mysteries are solved and sometimes they fit into each other’s lives. Sometimes they are just Christmas card and kind of like distant relatives."

In Catharine's case the adoption detectives had helped her brothers find members of their birth family. The twins were also raised by the Jones’ so the sisters took on Catharine's case.

It did not take them long to track family down for Catharine. Kristen did the legwork. "As a confidential intermediary I was able to go to the court, open her file and see the information in there and with that information I was able to determine that she had a sister."

Catharine was able to meet her birth sister, Leslie Greer and for the sisters it was the event of a lifetime."That's all I could say. Kristen was on the phone and I'm like ‘Wow. What do you say? You just go Wow’."

"My adoptive mother, Anna Jones, who I love very dearly always wanted me. She encouraged me to find my parents. Now for the first time Catharine could see pictures of her birth mother and learn a little bit about her.

"She was a very well-educated woman.”Catherine looks just like her. She looks just like her. For Catharine, who is seriously ill, the decision to find Leslie was the right one.

"She came into my life when it was so needed." She also has kind words for the two sisters who found her sister. "They're my angels. God put angels in my life."