Elevator malfunction in Pima County Superior Court

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A scary elevator ride in downtown Tucson sent an inmate and corrections guard to the hospital.

A malfucntioning elevator, an ear splitting fire alarm, and ambulances, all that made for a strange Friday at Pima County Superior Court.

Shortly after 1 P.M. a non-public elevator at the superior court building malfuntioned.

Thanks to that malfuntion, a pima county corrections officer, escorting an inmate to court ended up taking an unexpected and painful ride.

Deputies say the corrections officer and prisoner were inside the elevator when it shot up 11 floors.

Basically it was one of those things where they were on the elevator it shoots up and then stops, took them a minute, caught them off guard.

Ambulances were called to the scene as well as extra deputies, both the corrections officer and the inmate were loaded up on backboards.

They were brought back down, checked out no visible injuries but as a precaution they both got sent to the hospital.

Deputies say both the officer and inmate are expected to be fine.

The malfuctioning elevator also triggered a building-wide fire alarm, causing everyone inside to be cleared out, including prisoners.

It took about an hour for firefighters to give the "all clear" and let the evacuees get back to business as usual.