May Day protests

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Arizona's new immigration law was being protested here and across the nation today as people rallied for May Day, the first day in May when workers and union groups hold political demonstrations.

Lots of May Day rallies happened Saturday.

Thousands of Tucsonans used Saturday's march to protest Arizona's new immigration law while only a couple dozen showed up to support it.

The amount of people who showed up at Tucson's May Day rally, depends on who you ask. Police estimate 7,000. Others estimate 10,000 -- doesn't matter.

Whether they were waving American flags, chanting, or walking quietly almost every marcher had a specific reason for being showing up Saturday.

Dolores Huerto, co-founder of the United Farm Workers, who once marched alongside late civil rights activist Cesar Chavez, feels -- like most everyone else at the rally -- Arizona's new immigration law is blatant racism.

Saturday's march started on Tucson's south side and ended at Armory Park. Tucsonans in favor of SB 1070 awaited their arrival.

Some supporters spoke with kind words, others didn't.