Weather leads to fatal I-10 crash

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The wind was brutal Sunday. The dust it kicked up in some areas along I-10 was so thick, drivers could barely see, which caused one multiple car crash that ended tragically.

The visibility in Picacho Peak Sunday afternoon was close to zero. Heavy wind pushed dust across I-10.

It was so thick, people drove with extreme caution.

It's good advice -- especially when driving through Picacho Peak on windy days. Wind and dust forced several drivers in the area into a mutiple car crash.

One woman died. Her car -- destroyed.  Traffic was at a standstill for at least two hours while workers cleared the scene amidst dust and heavy wind.

Highway Patrol know there are ways to prevent fatal accidents from happening when there's heavy wind and dust.

Slow down so you have time to react.  Pull off the highway as far as you can and turn off your lights.