Biden discusses SB-1070 during speech at Phoenix event

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PHOENIX - Vice President Joe BIden has left the Valley after attending an annual democratic fundraising event in Phoenix.

He gave a speech to a crowd of mostly democrats and discussed a number of topics including Senate Bill 1070. He took a strong stance against Arizona's new immigration law.

The law requires immigrants to have documents at all times and makes it mandatory for law enforcement to question anyone they believe may be in the state illegally.

The Vice President also admits the federal government has not done enough to stop the constant flow of illegal immigrants from entering the United States. He said, "I know that's why states like Arizona are so frustrated. Our immigration system is broken but the President and I believe that a state-by-state approach is not the way to fix it. This is a federal responsibility we have not lived up to."

Biden was the keynote speaker at the democratic fundraiser. About 700 people attended the event, including Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon and Attorney General Terry Goddard.