Casa Grande man says motorcycle deal was "No deal"

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A Casa Grande man put down a big down payment for a bike and after putting down all that money and thinking the deal was done Frank Pineda says he drove off on his new motorcycle. Then he says the dealership took the bike back and then, kept his money.

"It was a black Kawasaki Ninja sports bike got 50 miles to the gallon."

Frank Pineda is talking about the motorcycle he bought from Adrenalin Motorsports, a Kawasaki dealership in Casa Grande.

"It was good transportation, pretty nifty just getting around Casa Grande to school."

Frank and his dad financed the $8,000 dollar bike through the dealership and although frank had just graduated high school, financing wasn't supposed to be a problem.

"They said I would be able to get a bike with $2,000 down with no co-signer or anything."

So, Frank handed over $2,000 filled out all the financing paperwork and rode off in his new Ninja.

But, weeks later frank and his dad say adrenalin motorsports called them back, saying the financing had fallen through and if the motorcycle was returned, the dealership would give back their down payment. But that didn't happen.

"I left with nothing no bike, no money," says Frank.

As a result, Frank and his dad sued Adrenalin Motorsports and this judgment was issued, ordering the dealership to return the money. Two years later they haven't seen a dime.

Shauna Miller, the manager of Adrenalin Motorsports tells 3 On Your Side that her company won't return the $2,000 because Frank was less than truthful in the financing paperwork he filled out, that's why he wasn't approved. As for a court judgment ordering her dealership to pay up, Shauna told us, "what judgment?"

"And if you can prove that, then you have more of a viable..."

So, we handed her the proof, the judgment, there it was in black and white.

"Okay, I've never seen this before," says Shauna.
But even after seeing the judgment, Shauna told 3 On Your Side later that Adrenalin Motorsports still won't return the $2,000. Frank and his dad can't believe it saying the financing paperwork was filled out correctly and even if there was a mistake, this judgment should mean something.

"Just pay me and everything will go back to normal," says Frank. He says he appreciates 3 On Your Side getting involved and says his only option now is to place a lien against the dealership which shouldn't be too hard since he has that judgment. As for the dealership, they say they're attempting to have the judgment reversed, and plan on keeping Frank's money.