Men in Neo-Nazi outfits voice support for Arpaio

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PHOENIX -- Five men with rifles dressed in Neo-Nazi outfits voiced support for Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio today during a press conference in which Arpaio was endorsing Republican County Attorney nominee Bill Montgomery.

The men, who stood silently through the conference, were dressed in black combat gear and helmets and bore both Arizona flag and Neo-Nazi arm patches.

Before the press conference started Montgomery asked the five men to leave, but they remained standing on the sidewalk outside of the Maricopa County Attorney's Office.

One of the five men spoke in favor of Arpaio on behalf of the group.

"Sheriff Joe is endorsing this candidate, and we feel strongly to support Sheriff Joe and his actions," the man said, "particularly with the illegal immigration situation here in Maricopa County and in our state."

When asked about the apparent support of the group, Arpaio said, "I don't want them there either, believe me. I didn't invite them there. I don't condone this type of activity or organization."