More local women newlyweds using website to have affairs

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By Alicia Barron By Alicia Barron

PHOENIX - Wedding season is here and, according to new statistics, it will not be long before some of those newlyweds start cheating.

One Valley woman tells 3TV’s Tyler Baldwin, “It’s not just men who have the biological need to procreate. Women also have hormones and needs."

Not wanting to reveal her identity, the woman 3TV spoke to says she is a recent newlywed and has been married less than three years and has already cheated on her husband.

For the last month, she says she has been using the website, an online dating service like E-harmony or, however this website is strictly for those looking to have an affair.

The website has seen a 62 percent increase in members over the last year in the Phoenix area. During that same time period they also saw a 197 percent increase in members who happen to be newlywed women.