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Anne Brown

Networking should play a larger role in new graduates job search than it does currently.
Many grads are intimidated by the idea of networking and have misconception about what it really is and what it can do for their careers.
Tips for grads on how to get started networking.
Networking is nothing more than building relationships. Here are some practical steps for how to start building relationships with professionals you want to get to know.
Not networking is the worst thing you can do for your career.
Visibility without credibility is worthless.

SRP Water Strategy and Sustainability <>
With 100-degree temperatures fast approaching and our wet winter providing us with a false sense of security, many Valley residents are getting their yards and houses ready for another season of enduring heat. Turning on their sprinklers again, planting flowers and shade trees, and cleaning yard debris are all part of the usual "summer-izing" of the homes.
However, don't forget that as we prepare for summer's scorching temperatures, we must do our part to conserve water as well.
Now is a great time to learn more about what you can do to save water in the desert.

As you "summer-ize" your home this year, SRP offers the following water- and money-saving tips for every yard and home:
·    Be sure to check your sprinkler system for leaks
·    Consider over-seeding with hybrid Bermuda grass varieties that thrive on about 10 percent less water than other grasses
·    Check out a 'smart' water controller tied to the weather and your sprinkler system
·    Water plants and trees deeply and less often - consider using a deep-watering stake
·    Use rain gutters to channel water toward your landscape or plants
·    Explore a liquid pool cover to reduce everyday evaporation
·    Replace bathroom and kitchen fixtures with water-efficient hardware