Local businesses already feeling financial fallout of SB 1070

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PHOENIX - Since Arizona's controversial immigration bill was signed many around the nation have called for boycotts on the state.

Civil rights organizations banned together at the state capitol Friday to announce the launch of the website www.boycottarizona.org.

Some local businesses are already feeling the financial fallout. The Arizona Hotel and Lodging Association say 19 meeting have been cancelled because of Senate Bill 1070.

These groups represent an economic impact of $6 million to the state.

Ben Bethel says, “It's been a very quick swift action like I've never seen before.”

He is the owner of the Clarendon Hotel and says business has slowed since Senate Bill 1070 was signed.

Bethel explains, “We've had three groups cancel. As of today we've been receiving some angry telephone calls, emails and faxes.

One fax reads “Boycott Arizona. Don't buy, vacation or do business in Arizona.” The fax even encourages residents to buy only what you need and “help stop racist people from having their way."

That was a devastating message for the independent locally-owned hotel. Bethel says, “We were just about to get better, hopeful, confident about the economy get better but not in Arizona…not going to happen unless things are changed.”

Adam Goldman, a video game developer, is also finding his business at odds with SB-1070. He says, “Project Blue Ghost is our biggest development title to date.”

Production is set for October. The plan was for the 30 cast members to come to Arizona but Goldman says, “They don't want to come to be harassed and they don't want to be associated with anything in Phoenix right now.” He adds, “I have to do what's best for my family and staff and move production to LA.”

Goldman is taking the $2 million budget he has with him. He says he just hopes someday his home state becomes desirable again and asks people to consider that, “The citizens of Arizona didn't do anything wrong, the hard-working men and women of Arizona aren't to blame for this.”