Elevator Malfunction at Pima County Superior Court

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TUCSON -- An elevator at the Pima County Superior Court building shot up several floors today before slamming to a stop.  The two people on board the elevator at the time were injured.

Fox 11 News sources identified the two as a Pima County Corrections Officer and an inmate.  Both were taken to area hospitals by ambulance.

The incident happened early Friday afternoon.  There are four public elevators in the 9-story building which was built in the early 1970's, but today's incident occurred in one of two private elevators reserved to transfer prisoners and court house personnel.

Tucson Fire officials say the injuries appear to be minor.  The building was closed for a period of time during the rescue operation but has now reopened.

Fox 11 News crews are on the scene and will have a full report tonight on Fox 11 News at 9.