Kids care vote; Birther Bill; McCain approval

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Health care programs for Arizona children and seniors that were cut to balance the state budget-- could be restored.

Before adjourning their 2010 regular session Thursday state lawmakers sent governor brewer a bill-- that would reverse the elimination of "kids care."  It would also put hundreds of thousands of people back on Medicaid and keep Arizona eligible for federal health care funding.


The so-called Birther Bill passed by the Arizona House failed to get a vote in the state senate due to a lack of republican support. The measure would require all presidential candidates to make their birth certificates public in order to appear on Arizona's ballot.

Some critics of president Obama believe he was not born in the U.S.; therefore, not legitimately president.


Recent polls show more Arizonans are unhappy with the job Senator John McCain is doing.

But he still leads Republican opponent J.D. Hayworth by up to 26%. A Phoenix based behavior research group has McCain beating Hayworth 54 to 28 percent among Republicans and Independents surveyed with 18% undecided.

Another poll this week has McCain leading by 11 points and with just 44% approving of the job McCain is doing.