Scam allegations against a Glendale company that claims to help veterans

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GLENDALE - His name is Chris Garcia and he owns a Glendale company called U.S. Vets Industries.

With such an admirable company name, Nick Walker says he went to work for the business.

After all, Nick wanted to eventually follow in his family's footsteps by enlisting in the military.

“That was the main reason I started working there is that I thought it would be good to put on a resume that I was working for a veteran's organization.

Although nick says he worked in shipping, he claims U.S. Vets Industries primarily employs telemarketers who sell household items at marked up prices.

For example, Ziplock freezer bags for $85, or this can of all-purpose cleaner for $73.

According to Walker, the telemarketers tell customers that they're disabled veterans and that the money for the high dollar items will help continue to employ veterans.

But Walker claims few if any workers actually served in the military and he says the money certainly doesn't go to a any vet cause.

Cheap t-shirts, $3 t-shirts that were going for $79 on the basis that they're giving veterans jobs when there's no veterans working there,” Walker said.

U.S. Vets Industries was raided by Glendale Police last year.

According to search warrant documents obtained by 3 On Your Side, the company reportedly charged customers' credit cards without their authorization.

The documents reveal one employee told investigators the company ‘got one customer for $52,00…but that they settled on a $19,000 refund with him.

“As far as I know the money was going to employees and the rest was going to the owner of the business,” Chris Disimone.

3 On Your Side wanted to talk to Chris Garcia, who according to court documents changed his name from Chris Disimone in 2007.

So, we went to U.S. Vets Industries where and what appeared to be employees walking around, talking on their cell phones and smoking outside the front door.

A 3 On Your Side producer tried to speak with him but he didn't have much to say about his business.

“We'd like to ask you about allegations your defrauding customers,” our producer said.

“No comment,” Garcia responded.

After several emails and faxes to the company, Chris Garcia contacted 3 On Your Side late this afternoon with documents that apparently question Nick Walker's credibility due to his arrest last month on drug charges, charges Walker says will be dismissed.

Chris Garcia did not address the allegations about his company and in the meantime, Walker says he quit working for the company last year.

“It's just a disgrace in my opinion for real Veterans that have fought for this country.”