Glendale residents evacuated after police uncover suspicious devices

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GLENDALE - Residents were dealing with an explosive situation in Glendale where police had to evacuate homes after finding a suspicious briefcase.

Police and bomb squad converged on 69th Avenue and Orangewood where the situation unfolded.

The story apparently goes back to an incident on Tuesday in Peoria and ended with that subject being taken into custody Thursday night.

Police were serving a court order in the area over the earlier incident which involved the business owner in a domestic situation and a suicide threat.

No word on why the court order was issued, but the order instructed officers to take the man into custody.

While homes had to be evacuated, most of the activity happened in an industrial area where the business the man owned is located.

After the arrest police were being cautious because they found ammo and what might have been explosives in the man’s car.

No word on the charges the man might face.