Shakira visits Phoenix to aid in protest of Arizona law

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PHOENIX -- Protesters rallied at the Arizona State Capitol on Thursday in opposition to Senate Bill 1070 and in anticipation of Colombian-born singer Shakira.

The pop music icon visited Arizona today to voice her concern over the recently-passed illegal immigration bill, which she said in a radio interview would lead to "a violation of human and civil rights."

Earlier in the day Shakira met with Mayor Phil Gordon, who shares her disapproval of the bill.

She also visited a facility owned by Chicanos por la Causa and a day care center at Carl Hayden High School.

Like most critics, Shakira said the law essentially legalizes racial profiling and unfairly targets minorities.

The issue has become part of the national conversation with politicians, celebrities and other celebrities speaking out on the issue.

Today another Latin artist Ricky Martin spoke out against the Arizona law. Appearing at the Billboard Latin Music Awards ceremony, Martin said Thursday night that the law "makes no sense," and he urged an end to discrimination, hate and racism.

"Long live love, long live peace," he told the audience at the award show in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Martin received a standing ovation when he walked on stage.