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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

Q. I have more than 600 messages in my Outlook Express Sent Items folder and I would like to delete all of them. How can I do that without having to do it one at a time? Thanks for all your help, Mr. M. I look forward to your newsletter every Friday.

A. In order to delete those messages, first select or highlight all the messages in one swell foop. To do this, open your Sent Items folder and click to select one of the messages, then press CTRL + A, With all the messages highlighted, press the DELete key or click the DELete button on the Toolbar.

If you only want to delete specific messages, instead of pressing CTRL + A, just press and hold the CTRL key, click to select as many individual messages as you wish, then press the DELete key.

Q. Using Word, I tried to create a fill-in-the-blanks type of form, but when I try to type new data into my blank form, the lettering in each field moves to the right. How can I get the form to stay in place so I can just add my new information to each field?

A. When you have your Word document open, take a look at the bottom of your screen to the narrow Status bar. This bar tells you what page you are on, how many pages there are in the document, what Line (Ln) and Column (Col) you’re in, and other information that nobody cares about.

Near the middle of the Status bar there is a small section with the letters REC TRK EXT OVR, which usually appear faint or grayed out. "OVR" stands for “overwrite,” which is a mode in Word where you can replace existing text, as you type, instead of entering text and having the new text shove existing text to the right. You want to be in OVR mode when entering your new data into the form you created. There are three ways to enable the Overwrite function:

1. Double-click the grayed out “OVR” box at the bottom of the Word window, on the Status bar. The letters will become dark. Double-click it again to turn it off.

2. Press the "INSert" key on your keyboard. The INSert key is usually located near the DELete key. Press the INSert key a second time to toggle the Overwrite function off.

3. From the main Word toolbar, click Tools > Options > Edit tab. In the Editing Options section, click to select or clear the “Overtype mode" check box. Click OK to save your changes.

Q. I see a lot of devices advertised for data storage. They all seem to require a USB 2.0 connection. My computer is a couple of years old and only has a USB 1.1 connection. Am I asking for trouble using it? I’m an avid reader of your weekly newsletter and have referred you to all my friends. Thank you for all your help, Mr. M.

A. Thank you very much. A USB 2.0 device will work fine with an older USB 1.1 port or connection. The only difference is that the data transfer speed will be slower, because the older port cannot support the higher speeds permitted by USB 2.0. That's really the only difference you’re likely to notice.

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