Behind the scenes with 3TV Reporter Kirsten Joyce

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WOW!  What an incredible day I spent with Kirsten Joyce, one of the perkiest reporters I’ve met. Even though I work in Finance at Channel 3, I had no idea the amount of time that goes into creating a news story.

Our day started with the 9:30am news meeting and didn’t end until we got back to the station at 6:00pm. From making phone calls, looking through archive videos, interviewing people, writing the story, recording the voice for the story, and finally reporting live from location, Kirsten did it all.

In talking with Kirsten, she pointed out that it’s important to always make your interviewees feel comfortable. That’s exactly what she did.  What woman wants to go on camera in the middle of a hair appointment?  Not me!  But Kirsten was able to work with the salon and clients, putting all at ease, and was able to obtain four interviews. Kirsten also has a philosophy of “get in and get it done.”  She realizes people’s time is valuable. This was evident during our timely interview at the State Capitol. 

Lastly, Kirsten mentioned that it’s important to have a good photographer. Our photographer for this story was Mike Smith… and what an excellent job he did!  He’s not only the “camera guy,” but also edited the video by pulling out specific clips and then adding Kirsten’s voice. The final product resulted in a 1 minute 21 second story… can you believe it?

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