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By Bryce Potter By Bryce Potter

Host Bob Lee interviews Leonard Scheff, attorney and author of “The Cow in the Parking Lot.”

Scheff, a Zen Buddhist, says he used “anger” as a courtroom “tool” for years. He says he thought it helped him in his objective to “win every case.”  He says he began to realize that this anger was affecting him in other ways as well as his health and his marriage. 

Scheff says after studying Buddhism and meditation he learned how destructive anger can be and that it could be reduced.  He says for the past 15 years he has been leading seminars on transforming anger, in addition to continuing his law practice.   He says the techniques he teaches can be used by anyone.  He says “anger management” teaches the “control” of anger.  He says he teaches people how to “choose” not to be angry, or if they are angry, they can turn the anger into humor or compassion.  In the book, he says he explains how anger arises from unmet demands and once those demands are identified, he says the anger can be “dissolved.”  He says once people understand the “buttons,” they can change what occurs when they’re “pushed.”  

Scheff says the objective of his book is to show people how to laugh at themselves, which he says is a first step in changing angry behavior.