Fellow candidate asks Arizona businessman to quit governor race

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ARIZONA – A northern Arizona businessman's back-ground is prompting calls for him to drop out of the Arizona governor's race.

Nine years ago a court in Florida found Buzz Mills had defrauded a business partner out of $4.5 million.

John Munger, also a GOP gubernatorial candidate, is demanding Mills withdraw from the crowded field of candidates.
He tells 3TV, “When someone purposefully and willfully deceives his business partner or anyone else...for $4.5 million...defrauds them out of $4.5 million…that’s a serious problem."

Mills released a statement saying, “As a lawyer John Munger should know the difference between accusations made in depositions and testimony and a decision that was vacated by a judge but since his flailing campaign needs attention, I guess this is his attempt at getting some."