Date arranged via social network leads to Phoenix man's death

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By Natalie Rivers By Natalie Rivers

PHOENIX - Phoenix police have tracked down a man whom they believe responsible for the stabbing death of a Phoenix man.

On Sunday at around midnight, Phoenix police responded to a check-welfare call at a home near 38th Street and Greenway Road.   The roommate of the victim called police after returning home to discover his apartment had been ransacked.

When officers entered the home, they found the downstairs bathroom door closed and locked with the lights on. After forcing entry into the room, they discovered the body of Mark Woodland, 54, who had been beaten and stabbed repeatedly.

Fire personnel pronounced the victim dead at the scene.

During the investigation, Woodland's roommate told police he had been in contact with Woodland via text message at around 5:00 p.m.  According to the roommate, Woodland said he was going to pick up a man that he met on an unknown social network and bring him home.  The roommate said Woodland had asked him not to return before 11:00 p.m.

A friend of Woodland who lives in California told police that Woodland met his date through an unknown social networking website.  The friend provided police with a username which led them to a potential suspect.

A neighbor told police he saw Woodland walking into his apartment with a white male, about 18 years old at around 8:30 p.m.

On Tuesday, Phoenix detectives tracked down the suspect, 19 year-old Tommy Reed, at a Phoenix residence.  After matching Reed to the description, they determined that his telephone was the phone used to arrange the date with Woodland.  Reed was taken into custody and his phone was logged into evidence.

After interviewing Reed, police said he identified certain details of the homicide that only someone involved could know.  Reed was booked on one count of second degree murder.