Pet of the Day - Chief

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ID# 660381 - 1 Year Old - Shepherd Mix - Male

Charming Mr. Chief was originally found roaming the streets of Douglas and brought to the nearest shelter by a kind Police Officer. From there, Chief was transferred to the Humane Society of Southern Arizona in hopes that he could secure a brighter future by finding the love of his life here in the Old Pueblo. Upon arrival, it became apparent that Chief was suffering from a number of ailments. With a sore leg and a case of Tick Fever, Chief required some medical attention and extra TLC. After being given time to rest and recuperate, Chief is now doing much better but will continue to need medication to manage his symptoms. Tick Fever is relatively easy and affordable to treat and is certainly worth it for the gratitude of this amazing dog. Fun-loving, affectionate, and always looking to make you laugh, Chief is sure to steal your heart.

And look at his under-bite! So cute!