In Tucson to address the economy, Brewer could not avoid SB 1070

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Making her first appearance in Tucson since signing Senate Bill 1070 on Friday, Governor Jan Brewer blamed the federal government's inability to secure the border as why Arizona needs the new immigration law.

The topic Monday at the Doubletree Hotel was the economy.  "Allow me to give you a progress report and let you decide just how we're doing," began Gov. Brewer. 

But when it came time for questions, Senate Bill 1070 -- and the authority it gives police to enforce immigration laws -- was still fresh in people's minds.

"We can get this implemented and it will properly and effectively be enacted," Important, Brewer says, to lure businesses to Arizona and make sure people live and work in a safe and secure environment.

Meanwhile, outside of the Doubletree, hundreds of people lined up in protest.  "We wanted to tell Jan Brewer that she does not represent us," says protester Lauren Overpeck.

"There's too many things that we need to do for working families to be fixated on a bill that does nothing for us except create hatred and distrust," says Miguel Ortega.

Reaction to the bill from those who watched the governor speak was mixed.

"It's time we address the immigration issue, and the sooner we do it the better off we're gonna be," says bill supporter Hank Rogers.

I've been stopped by border patrol many times in my life and it's not a pleasant situation, so I feel for people that may not have the skill sets that I have or the connections to call someone and say 'look, I'm not in the country illegally," says Mignonne Hollis.

As for the economic impact of Senate Bill 1070 most of those present said it remains to be seen, but Mignonne Hollis believes the bill will hurt Arizona, "I tend to be a little more cynical."

Gov. Brewer expressed her views of the controversy, "Well I think there's always people that are always anticipating the worst, and there's alarmists out there."  But she believes the controversy will eventually die down with proper implementation of the law.

Governor Brewer and others at the town hall voiced their opposition to congressman Raul Grijalva's call for a boycott of Arizona. Calling it "irresponsible" and "disappointing."