Body found in West Phoenix neighborhood possibly dumped

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PHOENIX -- Phoenix police are investigating the discovery of a body in the neighborhood of 71st Avenue north of Osborn Road.

All investigators are saying at this point is that a woman found the body of an Hispanic man in his late 40s lying on the sidewalk at about 6:30 a.m.

Detective James Holmes said there were no obvious signs of trauma, but preliminary indications are that the victim might have been dead for some time.

"We have witnesses who said they left their home just after 5:00 this morning and they didn't see anything on the sidewalk," Holmes said. "That doesn't mean the person wasn't there, but we're just trying to get it all figured out."

Holmes said investigators did find identification on the body, but have not yet confirmed any details about who the man might have been.

It's possible that the body might have been dumped in the neighborhood.

"With no obvious signs of trauma, we have no idea ... what happened to this man," Holmes said.

Police will continue to talk to residents of the area in an effort to determine what happened. Investigators are also trying to locate the man's next of kin. An autopsy is pending.

There is a school just around the corner from the scene. Investigators have taped off a large area of the neighborhood, blocking off part of it with police vehicles in part to keep kids in the area from the gruesome discovery.