Gold Parties: Way to make not spend cash

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Gold parties are a great way for you and your friends to make some extra cash. Gold Stash for Cash is a locally owned business that buys your old gold. They've been in the business for over 50 years and continue to grow. They recently just hired more than 100 people and they contribute their success to being credible and transparent. They've had more than 10,000 transactions and still remain in good standings with the Better Business Bureau. The most common question asked by people is how much do they pay for the jewelry? Gold Stash for Cash recognized that this question wasn't being answered in the industry so they thought the best thing to do is post it on their website. You can get that answer and many more such as what items you can bring in to get evaluated by visiting them on-line.

Gold parties can be hosted by anyone and what's nice about these parties is that your guests aren't obligated to buy anything. Instead, they can actually make money by attending. Plus, if you host the party you will receive a percentage of all sales made at the party. Gold Stash for Cash makes it easy for you to throw your own gold party. First, they provide their own e-vite system where they will email invites to all of your guests and secondly, they will send a representative from Gold Stash for Cash to your party to evaluate, test and tell the history of the jewelry. If your guests decide to sell their jewelry the representative pays them cash on the spot and will also pay out the hostess prior to leaving. 

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