Queen of Clean rakes in cash for gold

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Linda Cobb, The Queen of Clean shares her experience with Gold Stash for Cash. It's not wonder that Linda came across Gold Stash for Cash by cleaning, cleaning out her jewelry box that is. Linda discovered that she had a lot of silver and gold that she had forgotten about and wanted to start doing some research on what she could do with it. She blind shopped a few places and that's when she came across Gold Stash for Cash.  Her experience like most customer's was superb. She not only felt that she received fair prices as she did her research prior but she also walked away with an education about her jewelry.

Gold Stash for Cash is a locally owned business in Phoenix, Arizona with a handful of locations that can be visited within 15-20 minutes from any city. Plus, if you come visit them they'll hand you $10 for gas money whether they buy your gold or not. They have more than 52 years of jewelry experience and will help anyone with gold. They do all their testing and analyzing of your jewelry right in front of you  there's no backroom. They focus on giving their customer's a exceptional experience and walk them through the process of what they're doing and the history of the jewelry. If you decide to sell your  jewelry to Gold Stash for Cash they'll even hand you the cash on the spot. 

Linda Cobb, The Queen of Clean managed to make $921 with her handful of jewelry plus an extra $10 for gas just by driving down there. If you're interested in learning about your jewelry and making some money it's worth your time to visit a local Gold Stash for Cash and if you mention the Queen of Clean you'll receive a 5% premium. 

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