Calico Jack's Cantina opening at Westgate

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GLENDALE -- Calico Jack's Cantina, a popular East Coast eatery, is opening in the Valley. The Tex-Mex restaurant, featuring music and an outside sand beach, is opening at Westagte this week.

Chef Emilio Kimble cooks up some Calico Jack's specialties -- Don Flautas de Polo.

2 each 12-inch or 10-inch flour tortillas
7 oz. grilled marinated chicken breast, finely diced
3 oz. shredded pepper jack, cheddar cheese and Cotija
2 oz. cilantro
1/4 each jalapeño seeds removed, finely diced
1 oz Jack's Enchilada Sauce
2 oz. shredded red and white cabbage
2 oz. salsa roja
4 oz. Spanish rice
4 oz. refried black beans

Cook chicken on grill or sauté on pan. After chicken is cooked, set a side to cool.

On a clean cutting board cut jalapeño into quarters, removing seeds from one quarter. Finely dice jalapeño, cilantro and pepper jack-cheddar blend; place in a bowl and mix in enchilada sauce.

Divide mixture in to 4 parts; place on to warm flour tortillas and roll.

Place on sauté pan and brown all sides. If pan starts to smoke, flame is to high.

Place on to cutting board and cut at a bias.

Serve over shredded red and white cabbage, refried black beans and spanish rice.

Garnish with grilled onion.

Substitute filling with beef, lobster or fish.