Burglary victim can't retrieve stolen jewelry from police

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Karen Carroll loves jewelry, and most of the jewelry she has was given to her by her late husband.

"My husband had given me a lot of these pieces. In fact in that picture I am wearing a necklace that he had made for me," she said, gesturing to a portrait of her and her husband sitting together.

But just two years ago, Karen was the victim of a burglary ring that targeted Sun City homeowners. As a result, almost all of her precious items were stolen from her jewelry box.

"It was lying on the floor, all the drawers out and it was totally empty. I'm glad I didn't have to see that," she said.

Although the burglary suspects were eventually caught by police and Karen’s jewelry was found, Karen said getting the Maricopa County Sheriff's office to return her jewelry has been difficult, and she has been trying for months.

"That's when I call 3 on your side. My hands were tied, and there was nothing else I could do."

3 On Your Side got in touch with the Sheriff's office, and after we did a Sheriff's lieutenant not only found Karen’s jewelry in the property room but actually hand delivered it to her Sun City home.

Karen's jewelry was carefully documented, checked off and returned.

Watches, rings, bracelets, everything was returned.

"I am so excited," she said. "I can't even describe how I feel -- you guys are wonderful. Thank you so much for doing this for me."

She said each piece of jewelry returned to her had a story behind it.

"This represents the time Jim told me that if I lost 25 pounds, he'd give me a sapphire ring," Karen said, holding the ring up in the air. "And of course, I lost the 25 pounds, got the ring and then put it all back on."

Karen said she is thankful 3 On Your Side got involved, and helped her when she needed it most.

When asked if she thought she would ever see her jewelry again, Karen replied, "No, I didn't. And we have now all proved my friends wrong because they all said you will never see your jewelry again. So, I'm very happy about that."

The suspects who stole Karen’s jewelry have been caught, prosecuted, and sentenced.