Brewer Signs SB1070

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed Senate Bill 1070 into law today, saying it's the right thing for the State of Arizona, and does not impose on the civil rights of anyone.    Brewer says the law follows federal guidelines.  She said she will not tolerate any racial profiling or civil rights abuses under the law.

The controversial immigration reform bill is dividing the state.  It will allow local law enforcement to stop and question anyone on their immigration status if the officer has a "reasonable" doubt the person may be here illegally.  It would require anyone not a U.S. citizen to always carry documentation of their status in this country.  There are other new measures designed to thwart illegal immigration into Arizona.

Hundreds of people gathered outside the State Capital in Phoenix and the State Office Building in Tucson to protest the legislation.  The majority of the protesters in both locations seemed to be against the bill.

Meanwhile, a Tucson congressman says he and his staff have received "multiple" threats of violence and death and he closed his offices in Tucson and Yuma early today.

Raul Grijalva, a Democrat from District 7, has been outspoken in his opposition to the proposed legislation. Grijalva's office issued a statement saying the Congressman and his staff has received "multiple death threats and threats of violence".  He said police are stationed at both offices.

Brewer called the legislation a "good law" and said it's the right direction for the State of Arizona.  Within moments of her announcement, numerous groups issued e-mails saying her decision was wrong.  A group of Arizona Republicans said they considered the legislation a direct attack on their civil rights.

Brewer says if everyone in the state is armed with the right information, the new law can work and have a positive impact.  "Police officers are going to be respectful.  They know what the laws are.  Racial profiling is illegal", the governor said in response to a question.

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