Brewer says little about immigration bill at Hispanic organization banquet

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PHOENIX - Governor Jan Brewer did not tip her hand on the immigration bill as she addressed a key Hispanic group.

The governor essentially went into the lion's den Thursday night to speak at an awards banquet for the Hispanic organization Chicanos por la Causa.

People in this mostly-Hispanic crowd were hoping the governor would announce a veto of the immigration bill but she gave no indication as to what she plans to do.

The crowd was on its feet when Erica Melendez, who is on the CPLC Board, introduced the governor by saying, “Governor we ask and demand you veto 1070.”

After the somewhat unconventional introduction the governor took to the stage and said, “Well good evening. It's been busy busy day to say the least."

Gov. Brewer addressed border concerns briefly by saying, “I've heard your concerns about immigration reform."

Nevertheless, in a 10-minute speech she had only this to say about Senate Bill 1070: "While I’m not prepared to announce a decision on 1070, what I decide will be based on doing what's right for Arizona."

The governor left the room flanked by heavy staff and security as a few people chanted “Veto 1070.”