Motor home destroyed by fire linked to nationwide recall

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Cell phone video recorded by a 3TV viewer shows a motor home engulfed in flames on Loop 101 in north Scottsdale.

The driver was, understandably, too shaken up to talk. Turns out, he had just driven the motor home off the lot of Pete's RV in Mesa and was driving it back to Chicago for his boss.

“Bought it about a half hour ago, 45 minutes ago to turn it into a mobile showroom,” Stuart Morganstein said.

3 On Your Side has since learned this vehicle was included in a nationwide Ford recall affecting a total of 14 million vehicles, and linked to hundreds of fires.

The problem, Ford says, is with the cruise control deactivation switch found under the hood. Apparently, it does not always work properly when drivers tap the brakes to turn off the cruise control.

3 On Your Side asked an ASE-certified mechanic with Whitey's Auto Repair in Scottsdale to show us how it could catch on fire.

“This is the reservoir for the brake fluid. This is the switch and then the fluid will leak inside of here causing corrosion in the connector and then the corrosion can get hot and cause a fire,” Dan Lee explained.

Both Ford Expeditions he showed us are included in the recall, but only one has been serviced to correct the problem.

“See, there's the plug that the other one has the adapter that plugs into it, this one plugs directly into the old part,” Lee said.

While it is still unknown whether the cruise control switch was the cause of last week's fire, 3 On Your Side wanted to ask the owners of Pete's RV about what happened.

The owner, Pete, originally agreed to an interview, but then changed his mind. “My attorney and my insurance man said I'm not allowed to comment right now, there's just way too much speculation,” Pete said.

For now, they wait for insurance investigators to determine how the fire started, a tough job judging from what is left.

“Now the two insurance companies will be fighting back and forth, mine and his, putting the blame on each other,” Morganstein said.

Check the VIN number for your vehicle to determine its recall status.