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By Bryce Potter By Bryce Potter

Host Bob Lee interviews Dave Taylor, demographics advisor, Pima Assn. of Govts.,and Paul Fimbres, office manager, Census 2010.

The 2010 Census aims to count all U.S. residents—citizens and non-citizens alike. The short 10-question form mailed to every household in America had to be returned by April 1. But…the story doesn’t end there.

Fimbres says from now into July, enumerators will be going door-to-door to contact the nearly 35-percent of the households in Southern Arizona that have not returned the forms by mail.  He said the questionnaire this is only ten questions.  He says enumerators will be identifiable by a badge they carry along with a Census Bureau canvas bag. He says all Census Bureau workers sign an oath of nondisclosure to insure that nothing beyond the ten questions is ever used in the database.  

Taylor says his role was to assist the Census Bureau get a handle on all the new residences in Pima County since the last Census.  He says there are many new developments as well as a number of single residences scattered in rural areas. 

Fimbres says the census Bureau doesn’t ask about nor does it care about the residency status of anyone.  It simply wants to know how many people consider Pima County as their place of residence.  He says the Census helps determine how many seats in the U.S. House Arizona will have.  It also helps determine federal revenues sharing amounts for each state.