Governor race could be close

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Many of us are focused on elections right now. Early voting for May's special election starts Thursday. Before you know it, the general election will be just around the corner. The race for Arizona's governor could end up being a close one.

The five contenders for Arizona governor are:
Incumbent Jan Brewer
Attorney General Terry Goddard
State Treasurer Dean Martin
Businessman Buzz Mills
and Republican Party Chairman John Munger.

All four republicans running for governor are leading, earning between 44 and 47% of the vote. Support for the only democratic candidate, Attorney General Goddard, ranges between 34 and 40%.

In a match-up between Governor Jan Brewer and Terry Goddard, 44% of Arizonans surveyed said they'd vote for Brewer, 40% for Goddard, 9% said they'd vote for another candidate, 6% said they weren't sure. That's a big change from last month, when Rasmussen reported Goddard had the upper hand. In January the two were tied.

A match-up between State Treasurer Dean Martin and Attorney General Goddard, showed 47% would vote for Dean Martin. 13% less support Goddard. 8% said they'd vote for a different candidate and 11% weren't sure.

If it were between Buzz Mills and Terry Goddard, Mills got more support 46% to Goddard's 37%. About the same percentage of voters said they would vote for a different candidate or weren't sure.

A John Munger and Goddard match-up showed Munger winning 44% to Goddard's 37%.  With around the same percentage of voters choosing some other candidate, and about the same unsure.