AZ census; OK Corral papers; Ward 2; UA science #1; Tucson brush fire

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Quite a few Arizonans haven't turned in their census forms. As of Wednesday the participation rate in our state is still only around 67 percent.

Experts say Arizona's immigration issues could make a complete count more difficult. Only 12 other states currently have lower rates of census participation. The us census bureau has begun sending employees door to door to contact people who haven't sent their forms in.

The city of Tombstone leads the state in participation with 84% of forms returned.


The infamous 1881 gunfight at the OK Corral cemented Tombstone's place in history.

Wednesday an important account of that conflict was handed over to the state archives, the original witness testimony from that day.

The OK Corral papers were missing for years. They'll be placed under temperature and humidity control to make sure they stay intact for a long time.


More than a dozen people have thrown their hat in the ring for the open Ward 2 city council seat. The city has posted the letter of application from each.


The University of Arizona has bragging rights over some prestigious schools, ranking as the nation's leader in funding physical sciences research. A national science foundation report finds the U of A College of Sciences brought in about $174 million in research grants from federal, state, and private sources in the 2007-08 fiscal year.  That's more than institutions such as MIT, Cal Tech, and Johns Hopkins.


Earth day is Thursday but Tucson celebrations have been going on since the weekend.

Pima community college continued them Wednesday by hosting an Earth Day event on campus teaching students and the surrounding neighborhoods about conservation, recycling and everything mother earth.


A pretty bad brush fire on the southeast side. The fire originated at a Tucson Electric Power substation near Irvington Road and Alvernon.

Windy conditions made the fight tougher and caused wires to arc. That prompted TEP engineers to shut power off in the area.