Strong support for immigration bill in Arizona

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It continues to be the talk of cable news channels. It's the number one topic on talk radio around the country.

A tough new immigration law in Arizona is on the governor's desk -- awaiting action. Some call it racist.

But a new poll shows the proposed law has overwhelming support in Arizona.

Since the Arizona legislature approved Senate Bill 1070 on Monday a vocal outpouring of opposition has appeared in communities throughout the state.

"I think it's a very bad idea. it's as bad as that fence we're building on the border," says Mary page of Tucson

"Personally I believe that it is infringing on our personal rights," says Zandra Penn Tucson

But, according to a telephone survey conducted by Rasmussen reports, they're in the minority.

The report says 70-percent of likely Arizona voters support the legislation.

"people who are reasonable think that way. people who aren't reasonable have their own reasons, and they're trying to stir up people saying it's a racial gig." Shirley Ann Wesala of Tucson

But those opposed to the bill have trouble believing the percentage of Arizonans supporting the bill is so high.

"I think it seems very high. I would hope that's not true," says Mary Page

Folks at the Southside Presbyterian Church share the same sentiments. Every morning, people gather here to wait for day labor work.  "When an employer pulls up, they pull into our parking lot, they talk to a volunteer about what kind of work they would like done and what they're offering in terms of a daily wage," says Pastor Alison Harrington

She says because the economy is bad, roughly 30 people show up looking for work each day.

But a provision in Senate Bill 1070 would make it a crime for anyone to pick up or transport someone for the purpose of day labor.

"If this does go into law, we won't comply. and we're part of a growing movement of people of faith and good conscience who are saying we won't comply with this law," explains Pastor Harrington.

If the governor signs the bill, Harrington says she'll be part of the struggle to overturn the law.

Yet, many of the bill's supporters stay true to their beliefs.

"I think we need to do something about the border, and this makes more sense than anything else they're doing." Shirley

In the meantime, the Arizona Association of Chiefs of Police oppose Senate Bill 1070. They say the provisions of the bill remain problematic and will negatively affect the ability of law enforcement agencies to fulfill all of their responsibilities in a timely manner.