No indication yet of what governor will do with SB 1070

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PHOENIX -- With the clock ticking toward the deadline, there's no indication yet on what Gov. Jan Brewer will do with SB1070, the contorversial immigration bill that has sparked major debate not just here in Arizona, but all over the country.

Brewer has until Saturday to sign the measure, veto it or do nothing, allowing it to become law without her signature.

Pressure is mounting from both sides.

Those who want Brewer to sign the bill say it's time for Arizona to crack down on illegal immigration and SB 1070is a tool to do just that.

Opponents says SB 1070 "runs roughshod over the [U.S.] Constitution," saying the new law will encourage racial profiling.

If SB1070 becomes law, it will be among the toughest anti-illegal-immigration laws in the country.