Early voting starts Thursday for state sales tax increase

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PHOENIX – Early voting starts Thursday on the state sales tax proposal and this is an issue that could have a big impact on our state.

You should begin receiving your mail-in ballots if you are registered to vote early by Thursday.

The official Election Day for this one cent sales tax hike is about a month away but the debate on whether to pass it or fight it has already heated up.

Martin Shultz is part of the group yes on 100, a proposition to hike the sales tax one cent on every dollar.

Governor Jan Brewer has touted it as the only way to stave off massive cuts to education, public safety and more.

Schultz says, “There’s never a good time to ask for a tax increase, but on the other hand we're big girls and boys and we have to make some decisions and going forward this amounts to $10 for $1,000 of expenditures that are subject to sales tax.”

Opponents say $10 is too much. Darcy Olsen, with the Goldwater Institute says, “There couldn’t be a worse time to raise taxes on Arizona's family, we already have 1 in 10 people in the state out of work.”

The Goldwater Institute is part of the group that is strongly against Proposition 100 and more taxes. Olsen asks, “What this will do if it fails? It will force the state to cut waste.”

Back in march one group rallied to ax the tax... Across the lawn others voted to back it

Already both sides have released dramatic ads to bolster their arguments but ultimately it is up to the voters to decide if you want to pay more.

The sales tax hike would be temporary, lasting only three years and automatically expiring then but there are a lot of arguments on both sides of the issue.