Group of students dubbed 'Capitol 9' released from jail

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PHOENIX – A group of student protestors has been released after spending the night in jail.

Those students were arrested for chaining themselves to the Arizona State Capitol building on Tuesday. They are now facing disorderly conduct charges.

Cheers greeted the nine college students as they were released from jail before dawn on Wednesday.

The students chained themselves to the Capitol building to protest the immigration bill.

Attorneys say they were arrested for allegedly disrupting a meeting but what meeting that was has not been made clear.

Supporters and fellow students rallied outside the jail for the group they call the “Capitol Nine."

Each student faces one misdemeanor charge. One protestor says that it is better than being arrested under a new immigration law, which would outlaw transporting illegal immigrants.

He says, “The risk was worth it. I mean, I'd rather go through this than get stopped with a relative or a loved one in my car and have that be illegal, to have someone that I love next to me.”

The Capitol Nine now have to appear in justice court.

The students are not allowed to return to the Capitol but say they will continue to fight the legislation.