Immigration bill protests

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One day after the state lawmakers approved a controversial illegal immigration bill -- protests erupted throughout the state.

In the shadows of the state building downtown, a contingent of students from across Tucson rally to send a message to governor Jan Brewer.  "We're here to tell Governor Brewer that she needs to veto bill SB 1070," says Angel Sanchez.

Those here call the proposed law an infringement of their civil rights that does nothing but bring unnecessary fear into the community.

"She's pushing our undocumented brothers and sisters -- folks that work alongside with us, that go to school with us, that have been in our lives forever, pushing them further into the shadows. This bill is an absolute travesty," says Angel.

A second group led by members of the "Derechos Humanos" joined the students later in the afternoon, packing all four corners of Congress and Granada.

"That's a federal responsibility.  It should not be put on state officials, it should not be put on the community," says Kat Rodriguez speaking for Coalicion de Derechos Humanos.

While the majority of people gathered opposed Senate Bill 1070, at least two people voiced their support.

One of those men is Dave Pruitt, a construction worker who claims he's lost out on jobs in the past because of illegal immigrants, "Yeah I've lost a few of them and I get a call a couple days later from my work buddies, you know hey, he hired an illegal for 5, 8 bucks less an hour than he's paying you, and this guy doesn't know anything."

Al Lopez of Tucson is the other SB 1070 proponent here, "SB 1070 will help us start to clean sweep this state, to get these illegals out who are on our system sucking taxes out of us."

The hundreds protesting around him and throughout the rest of the state would disagree. And hope that governor Jan Brewer keeps their thoughts in mind as she decides whether to sign Senate Bill 1070 into law.

"Absolutely she needs to veto it," concludes Kat Rodriguez.

Governor Brewer says she hasn't decided whether she'll sign the bill. Meanwhile, Congressman Raul Grijalva called the bill "racist" and called for a national boycott of Arizona as a convention destination unless the bill is vetoed.