Phoenix Fire reduces fleet due to budget, causing some residents to worry

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PHOENIX - With another little one in the family, Bridget Augustine says she feels good they live just around the corner from fire station 57.

She tells 3TV, “I pass it all the time when I do my runs on Saturdays.”

Augustine says she was sad to hear the station lost its only rescue ambulance along with its crew. She says, “For my children if there were any sort of accident here at the house or what not, that would be my primary concern.”

A spokesperson with the Phoenix Fire Department tells 3TV every month they take a look at all the 911 calls and responses throughout the city before moving crews and vehicles to different stations to better serve the community.

Officials with the Phoenix Fire Department discovered Station 57's ambulance was barely being used.

Spokesperson Frank Salomon says, “After all of the furloughs and after the food tax everything, we still had on the table left that we were going to lose these two rescues.”

It ended up being Station 57 in south Phoenix and it is not the only station losing its full time ambulance response.

Station 38 in Ahwatukee is also losing their crew although their vehicle is staying. Salomon explains, “Rescue 38, that piece of equipment, that ambulance, is going to be left at the fire station.”

Salomon says these changes will not affect medical help or response time to an emergency. Both stations will still have its engine units that carry at least four firefighters.

Two of those firefighters are trained paramedics and the other two are nationally-recognized EMT’s.

Augistine admits, “I'm glad that the station is still staying there.”

Salomon says they plan on looking at the calls again next month, specifically at Station 38 and 57 to make sure they made the right decision. If they did not, he says they can always go back to the way it was and look at another way to make their budget work.