Live without pain: Annie shares her story

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Annie was born with Scoliosis which in her case was hereditary. She dealt with the Scoliosis for many years as it wasn't an issue. But, after Annie gave birth to her beautiful baby girl her spine started to move drastically to the right causing immense pain and forcing her to have major back surgery. At the age of 36 Annie grew two inches taller just from that surgery. And, although the surgery corrected many things with her Scoliosis she was still in pain. At this time her daughter was only 18 months old and because of Annie's pain she couldn't pick her up. Her 18 month old daughter would have to crawl to Annie's lap. Annie's daily routine consisted of going to work, coming home, taking pain pills and going to bed. She was living her life in pain and in a fog with all the pain narcotics. 

Annie knew that wasn't a way to live life and headed to AZ Pain Centers where she met Dr. Graham. Dr. Graham and the staff at AZ Pain Centers reviewed Annie's back, section by section and found that although the surgery fixed most of her issues the scar tissue left behind was causing her pain. So, they reviewed each problem area and started treating one area at a time based on what was bothering Annie most. The treatment consisted of non-steroidal injections to each area and after the first round of injections Annie felt immediate relief and was pain free. Dr. Graham explains that this reaction is a blessing and unfortunately not all results are the same but they are able to treat a lot of patients who come to them for pain relief.  

AZ Pain Centers' prides themselves as being problem focused. They pinpoint the problem areas and treat those areas to minimize the pain. Annie's treatments have gone so well she's not only able to play with her daughter she's also taken up figure skating. 

If you have problems with pain, now is the time to contact AZ Pain Centers for an analysis because, you don't have to live your life in pain. Just ask Annie.  

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