Victim's Rights Week

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This week is Victim's Rights Week. Several events will happen between now and next Sunday to help make people aware of the fact that crime exists, we can't always ignore it, and through awareness, we can help prevent crime from happening.

Crime produces suffering. Monica Salazar can attest to that, "My dad was killed by a drunk driver who was only 21-years old."

This isn't the only loss Monica has suffered, "Not only my dad but my best friend was killed by a drunk driver."

Monica is one of hundreds of people in Pima county who have suffered from crime who will speak out about it as part of victim's rights weeks. Carol Gaxiola's story -- just as horrible. After losing her father, mother, and oldest daughter, she lost her youngest, Jasmine.

"The two men that killed my daughter thought they were gonna solve a problem and all they did was run everybody's lives including their own," says Carol.

Jasmine tried to convince a friend to turn himself in for a crime. Her "help" got her killed.

Society has become less respectful.  It has become more dishonest and deceitful and unfortunately a whole lot more violent.

Pima County Sheriff, Clarence Dupnik, and other influential members of the community came together to help raise money to support 88-CRIME -- the hot-line that let's you report crimes -- anonymously. 

Dupnik says crime has changed over the years, "People slept with their windows open and their doors unlocked, but each year things have changed and they've gotten worse."

Victims and survivors hope Victim's Rights Week will bring an awareness that can lead to change for the better.