Brewer signs controversial gun bill

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PHOENIX -- Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed a controversial bill on Friday allowing gun owners to carry concealed weapons without permits.

Although Governor Brewer waited until the day before the deadline to sign the bill into law, many expected her to approve it. While the governor supported gun laws in the past, Dennis Welch of the Arizona Guardian said it was also a good political move.

"She doesn't want to be going into a primary championing a sales tax and against guns and the other core republican values," Welch said.

Many do support Brewer's decision, from the NRA and conservative lawmakers to gun-carrying Arizonans.

But while Brewer says the law protects the second-amendment rights of Arizona citizens, some also say the law could have dangerous consequences.

"(Phoenix is the) fifth largest city in the country, and we can't be the Wild West any longer," said Hildy Saislow, a member of the group Arizonans for Gun Safety. "We can't go backwards, we need to go forward."

Some worry the bill will mean more guns in the wrong hands, and that it could make it more difficult for police to tell who is a threat. As such, one of the requirements of the bill is that anyone carrying a concealed weapon must declare they have it when they come in contact with an officer.

The bill will go into effect three months from today.