Beaten horse with head injury finds loving home - fighting to live

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PHOENIX – A badly-beaten horse is now in foster care and fighting for her life.

"Suzie Q's" owner decided to give the horse away after she could no longer care for it.

Rescuers say the guy who came to pick up the horse starting punching her when he could not get her into a trailer. They say Susie Q cracked her head on the trailer.

Joey Ogburn explains, “She's got several lacerations to the face. She's got …where she's been stitched around the eye and on the cheek."

Amy Guthmiller says, “I immediately called and said she could come here. I have an extra stall and nobody's gonna mistreat this horse again. It won't happen here."

Rescuers say deputies know the name of the man suspected of hitting Suzie Q. The incident is under investigation.