Simple solutions for natural beauty

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Bringing out your natural beauty doesn't have to cost a lot by purchasing expensive products.  As we all have heard it starts with a healthy diet, regular exercise and quality sleep.  No matter what I've tried, if those three lifestyle habits aren't being practiced, it shows on my face and on my skin. 

However, there are some natural remedies and a few beauty tips and tricks that you can try at home for less.  After reading some pretty interesting articles and talking with two natural beauties that both still look terrific in their 60's, I put some ideas to the test.  Check out what I tried to see if these ideas work for you, your body and your budget.

Skin Stuff For Less
Here is a funny, but absolutely free one - do lion facial exercises!  I can remember seeing my silly Mom do this through the years and now I also see how it has worked!  She read somewhere years ago that doing yoga for your face helps to keep the facial muscles toned and she has definitely held up.  Want a laugh?  See the segment to see us demo how to do the lion look!
Another unusual facial treatment comes from several different articles that I had read about that suggest rubbing grapes on your face to exfoliate.  I also saw this tip featured on a Dr. Oz website and I am a big fan of his, so I decided to give grapes a try.  Dr. Oz says that grapes contain salicylic acid and polyphenols, which are found in expensive moisturizers.  After rubbing red seedless ones cut in half on my face, I then rinsed with warm water and my skin felt fresh.  And save some to eat as well since red grapes are loaded with healthy antioxidants.

Another face saver my Mom swears by is using pure aloe on her face in between washing and applying face cream.  She buys the Aubrey Organics Pure Aloe Vera brand at Whole Foods.   This is a great moisturizer for the skin.
For skin rashes, my 50-something and beautiful friend Karen swears by magnesium oil.  I found a 4 oz. bottle called International Health Transdermal Magnesium Oil for $14.39 at Healthy Habit.  This unique health food store is located at 7th Street and Bethany Home Road.  I tried the sea water extract for the Eczema on my face and it did sting a bit.  So, I took Karen's advice and mixed it 50/50 with purified water and that did the trick.  I am told that the trace minerals found in the oil is easily absorbed into the skin and delivered to the cellular level and that can also help relieve aches and pains all over your body.

Another face trick for a flawless foundation is to use Dermablend with a little jojoba oil mixed in if you tend to get dry areas on your skin.  Celebrity makeup artist Karen Hall uses this trick on my face and the finish is flawless.  Buy Dermablend foundation at United Beauty Supply stores.

Hair Help
For this section I talked to gal pals with curly hair and those that sport a straight mane.  For the curly girls, try this homemade spray to enhance curl and to get that beachy look.   Mix 1 teaspoon Epsom salts with 1 to 2 cups of warm water to dissolve the salts.  The amount of water you use depends on the size of your spray bottle and you may want to add more or less Epsom salts depending on how it feels to you.  Spray some on your wet hair in the shower after your shampoo and conditioning is finished.  Then try adding a bit of a leave in conditioner followed by combing and then scrunching your curls. 

And for a homemade hair gel, mix 1/2 tsp. plain gelatin to 1/2-1 cup warm water to dissolve it. Then put it directly in a little spray bottle.   Add more or less gelatin until you get the consistency that you like for your hair.  If your hair is thin or fine, you may want to go for less and vice versa for thicker hair.  I am told that this also makes a great protein treatment as well.
For a natural rinse that is sure to get out product residue that builds up in your hair, mix 1/2 cup of baking soda with 1 cup of water and dab into scalp.  Then rinse and shampoo as usual.  My Mom does this once a month and she swears by this inexpensive and effective rinse.

For women going for the straight hair look, I found a very unique brush on a recent trip to Virginia.  As I expected, the hair stylist that did my hair reached for a giant round brush, but it was also actually a big square brush.  With squared edges this brush doesn't just smooth out the strands, but makes it easier to get right under the top of the hair by the scalp to get a smooth finish all the way down.  I am hooked on this brush now.  Made by iTools, it is called the Blue Wave Nano-Ionic Conditioning Brush.  I noticed a big difference in the shine in my mane as well, so it made sense to me that the package claims that the nylon bristles leave hair static-free.  The downside was the $35 price tag, but I found that this unique brush gave me great results that my friends noticed, too.  JTools products are also sold on

So all you lovely ladies out there, let your natural beauty shine through and if you know of a tried and true remedy, let me hear from you!  Some of the best beauty tips ever come from our gal pals sharing ideas to keep our beauty and life on a budget!