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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

Q. My vision isn’t as good as it once was, but I can’t figure out how to enlarge the text when I print in Word. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Mr. M.

A. First, display your Word document on screen and select (highlight) the entire document by pressing CTRL + A. Next, click Format > Font. Go to the “Size” section and select an easy-on-the-eyes size font. If you’re not sure, try 16 or 18 until you find a size that works best for you, then click OK and print your document with your newly selected font.

If, after printing the document, you decide that you would like all your Word documents to appear and print with the same size font, retrace the above steps and click the Default button at the bottom of the Font window.

Q. Every time I insert a CD into my computer, it starts to play. Sometimes I don't want that to happen so I have to eject it. Is there some way I can insert a CD so it will not play until I want it to play?

A. When you insert a CD, if you don’t want it to automatically play or open, hold down the SHIFT key while placing it in the drive. Holding down the SHIFT key in this manner will disable the CD AutoPlay feature.

Q. Can you explain how to adjust my monitor settings? I'm not sure I have them adjusted correctly.

A. If your monitor settings are out of whack (a technical term), items on screen may be difficult to read because they’re too large or too small, or colors may be hard on the eyes. To review your settings, go to your Control Panel > Display > Settings.

Every monitor is different, but you’ll generally find TV-like adjustment buttons on the front or side of your monitor. Two important settings are contrast ratio and brightness. Adjusting both can reduce eye strain by making everything that appears on screen crisp and bright. Contrast ratio is used to measure the difference between your brightest whites and darkest blacks, with just a hint of lemony freshness. The higher the ratio the better.

Also, adjust the horizontal and vertical settings so the screen image is perfectly centered and fills the screen. The image should extend to the four edges of the monitor, without a black border.

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