ICE raids

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Human smuggling raids grip the streets of Tucson. 47 people were arrested -- some legal -- some illegal.

The federal sweep raised concerns as well.

A year long alien smuggling operation ended in raids today in Phoenix and Tucson -- the majority in southern Arizona.

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement targeted several Tucson shuttle companies allegedly used by smugglers to transport thousands of illegal aliens from Mexico into the U.S. Agents seized cars, weapons, cash. Several Mexican citizens were arrested and will be deported. Some of the people arrested were U.S. citizens or living in the U.S. legally.

But local activists spoke out against the raids. Lorena Howard was crying tears of anger, she says, "Right now we're still hearing accounts of ICE knocking on people's doors, homes.

There's no word yet on whether more raids will happen. But all want change.