Bit of Arizona Western history going on the auction block

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A little bit of Arizona history is headed to the auction block Saturday.

Steve Bodinet explains why its attracting people from all over the country. Walking down this street at the CJS Film Studios might just make you feel as if you've gone back in time .

It looks like a real western town right smack in the west Valley but not many people even know about the studio which has served as the backdrop for movies and commercials for 23 years.

Even more interesting is that amidst the sundowner hotel and saloon is some of the most collectible western memorabilia in the country. Erik Hoyer with Arizona Auctionman says the vision for the lot came from CJ Smith.

Smith is an interesting fellow. He turned a collecting passion into What you see today. He had a vision of building this movie set in here and Filling it with real props uh movie props, but his idea for movie props Was buying the real thing and using them. He felt that Added more authenticity to the things they shot.

All of that authenticy is expected to be a huge draw for people who love western artifacts.... Cj's son remembers his fathers passion for collecting.  " Yeah he'd hear about it...Somebody would call him...He has a lot of connections with the old Guys in the western areas..And stuff. That used to do the western shoots and stuff out here.

He'd just Kind of hear or somebody would writte him a letter or something...Call the people up and That would be it." And once the deal was done.

It was just a matter of time before the item would show up somewhere in the western town In the physicians apothecary....There's an amazing assortment of medical equiptment from days gone by....and in the general store... Items that line the walls are authentic as welll.... And although not the real deal.

The back story on this saddle...A mckellin reproduction. Is that it was made for the civil war movie "Glory." One of the items expected to garner the highest bid is tied up with the rest of the caruosel horses. "

You are looking at about a 1940s to 1950's Coca-Cola carousel mount horse It will go at auction from somewhere from $1,000 to $1,500 for this particular piece It's in really good shape."

Another item that's going to attract a great deal of attention is the bar back. The ornately carved piece is embellished with marble and also in the bar A chester 1924 football game, a very very rare item. The Smith Family says they're letting all of thier props go because most of the studios bring in thier own when shooting and for collectors that's good news.

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