A Valley man says he can't get paid for work he did

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A Valley man says a company owes him $1,300 dollars but he’s having trouble getting paid.

Andy Huynh is a small-time businessman and says his work truck is basically his business. "We move freezers, coolers, AC units, ya know anything to do with refrigeration."

That's exactly the job Andy was hired to do for a company called Amante Divine Wine & Spirits, an alcohol distributor.

"This wine place we did they asked us to move a walk-in, we moved it from one location on Thomas to Deer Valley."
Andy says moving the industrial size freezer from one place to another was a big and complex job.

"Ya know, it's pretty heavy, it's not a one man thing, it took 3 of us to move that."

Andy says he was charging $1,300 for the job but that was back in October and since then Andy says he hasn't received his money.

"I haven't been paid, and I need to get paid, to feed my family, pay vendors, we've got to pay our mends too."

3 On Your Side contacted Amante Divine Wine and Spirits and spoke to Phil Guana who says he's not trying to dodge paying but there is an underlying issue that he claims Andy never to mentioned. The issue he says, Andy inadvertently broke the freezer during the move.

"It doesn't feel good that because he didn't do something right, that I lost a ton of product, that upsets me, so was I the most speedy to pay him? Maybe not."

Phil claims Andy didn't properly install the thermostat on the freezer he moved and that caused him to lose nearly $20,000 worth of alcohol inside.

"He put the whole unit at risk and all the product at risk by not doing the job right."

Regardless, Phil says prior to 3 On Your Side's involvement, he decided to split the difference and mailed Andy a check for $700.

"In my mind he is lucky he is getting $700 at this point," says Phil.

After waiting to be paid for five months, Andy says he got his $700 check yesterday and says he'll now consider the matter closed saying getting him $700 is better than nothing at all.